Office Hours:
Moday through Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Community Supported Transportation for Seniors and Visually Impaired Adults in Mercer County.

The Association

Greater Mercer TMA is a nonprofit, public private partnership dedicated to improving mobility, reducing congestion and furthering sustainability in and around Mercer and Ocean County. Established in 1984, our association consists of large and small employers, local governments, authorities and state agencies who share a commitment to providing transportation choices that are good for commuters, good for communities, good for business and good for the environment.

In 2006 RideProvide was established with the goal of providing an affordable transportation option to keep seniors and visually impaired adults safe, engaged, independent and active when they were no longer capable or comfortable driving.

Greater Mercer TMA is governed by a Board of Trustees.
Cheryl Kastrenakes Executive Director
Jack Kanarek President
Basil Giletto Vice President
Walter Schmidlin Secretary
Peter Rayner Treasurer

Carol Beske
Milton H. Charbonneau
William Kingsland
Dennis Motiani
Paul Pogorzelski
RJ Palladino
Christopher S. Tarr